What You Will Learn

The core value at Blue Haven is of course teaching swimming to the best possible level but we put a big emphasis on having fun. If a child enjoys their lesson it makes the experience a pleasure every week.

Water Confidence

We aim for every child to grow their confidence in the water week by week. Our specially trainned staff use various techniques to make this possible. 

Swimming badges

We are an accredited Swim Ireland teaching school. We put each child through the various badges as proof of progression and increase in ability. 

Small Classes

Each of our classes are no more than 6 children with two instructors in the water. We believe smaller classes gives the child more chance of advancement and success. 

Learn to swim

Swimming Classes

Starfish Classes

In our baby classes both mother and baby are given an amazing experience building water confidence from a young age. We work with babys from 3 months to 3 years. 

Pre school classes

These classes are for complete beginners and are available for children aged 3-4.

Octopus Classes

These classes are geared to preparing children for their levels 1-7 in the main swimming sets to come. 

Swimming lessons - levels 1-7

The lessons sets we offer are in accordance with swim Ireland grades and we are certified to award the various grades as your children progress.